WATER IS ENERGY (WIE) is the slogan of this comprehensive campaign that aims to provide water and energy in deprived areas of Africa. Water is energy is its slogan. This ambitious programme is both a solution and a tool to address water scarcity. It is a unique opportunity to provide expertise on the water-energy nexus to specific communities.

The WIE22 (Water is Energy 2022) programme supports ASEBE in its SHARE A SMILE project, which aims to put a smile on the faces of people in need in Cameroon. It is in line with the WIE20 project, which involved, on the one hand, raising awareness of good hygiene and sanitation practices and, on the other hand, the construction of a water well at the Taro school in order to sustainably improve the living conditions of the population and reduce the extreme poverty perpetuated by the cycle of water-borne diseases and the resulting health costs. On the other hand, the students of Lycee Technique de Bafia were invited during the project implementation. They will use this opportunity as a holiday internship. This essential mechanism, which is a criterion for economic development, thus favours the exchange of expertise and knowledge for the recovery of the countries of the South.




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