Description of the project

“Share a smile” is a project of ASEBE in cooperation with TEFA e.V. The project consists in Awareness campaign in the municipality of Ongot. The village itself is located in the municipality of Mbankomo. The project consists of awareness-raising work in the grammar school and in the community and on the qualification of Members of the association ASEBE. Through the qualification you will act as a multiplier* and will be able to use the acquired To pass on knowledge to the pupils* and the population.

The project will be implemented in two phases:

1. qualification phase of the ASEBE experts
In this phase, a TEFA expert will train ASEBE as the local implementing organisation to facilitate knowledge transfer in the field of project work. Firstly, this will allow the next two phases be implemented without any problems and, secondly, the sustainability of the project be ensured. The following modules are carried out during the training:

       ● Project management

Through training in project management, ASEBE members will be able to run a project under
to plan, monitor, control and implement the Cameroonian reality and to report to be created. Furthermore, the partner organisation can learn how to create a crowdfunding campaign for a project, how to manage the finances of a project and how to involve the civilian population in order to  ensure the sustainability of the project.

      ● Sustainable water management

These modules provide information on possible innovative technologies, processes and system solutions for a sustainable management of water resources. This phase of the project also consists of Preparation of the formation of a water committee and the construction of filter prototypes using recycled materials.

  • How do I carry out an awareness campaign?

Awareness campaigns are important to disseminate and promote good practices. Campaigns consist of a working process to be carried out step by step. This ranges from the exact Determination of target groups by analysing the knowledge, wishes and behaviour of these target groups up to the development and application of target group-specific communication strategies and the accompanying evaluation. Within the framework of this qualification, the participants learn how to implement a sensitisation campaign plan, organise and implement which communication channels they can use to reach their target group reach.

● Hygiene training / hygiene management

ASEBE members will be given a day workshop by a health expert on the risks of consuming unclean water consumption. Through the qualification, you will act as a multiplier* and pass on the knowledge acquired to the pupils* and the population.

2. Awareness campaigns / hygiene training in schools and in the community

The ASEBE association will conduct awareness campaigns in schools and in the neighbourhood in Ongot / Mbankomo carry out. The following topics will be presented during the awareness campaigns: Presentation of the Project plan, role and contribution of the population, prevention, hygiene and health measures in dealing with unclean water. You will also be responsible for the coordination of video rotation materials