In the framework of our WIE16 project “Water is Energy 16” we wanted to find a solution and a way to facilitate the populations living in areas where access to drinking water is complicated.
Hope Foundation Cameroon responded to our offer through their rising education programme. This consisted of building a school in Bertoua (Cameroon), we came to the following conclusions:

  1. To offer an ecological solution for access to drinking water while respecting the environment to the students and inhabitants of the locality.
  2. To reduce the distance between the populations and the drinking water points and to supply the school
  3. the implementation of a renewable energy system for the pumping system and for the lighting of the site
  4. Implementation of information and education campaigns, including leaflets, promotional material and press releases, to raise awareness and knowledge of renewable energy and innovative technologies.

The evaluation and monitoring of the project will be carried out locally by the Hope Cameroon Foundation and has been handed over to TEFA e.V. The objective of the project can be summarised in four points

  • Organisation of community meetings to inform about the functioning of solar energy and water management,
  • Implementation of a water management concept,
  • Installation of solar systems,
  • Training of community members in the use of solar-powered water pumps.


Project Report Water is energie_final

Water is energy


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